The Lakefront SouthKey Shop Offices, the first component of SouthKey, is already completed and handed over to purchasers on November 2014. This commercial property is located on the side of a man-made lake and is designed to provide optimum space for both work and leisure by using the concept of a pedestrian friendly commercial complex, where the first floor has a wide pedestrian friendly boulevard.

The ground floor piazza is the heart of Lakefront, where activities are aplenty. A flea market is a common feature at the piazza to allow small and medium entrepreneurs to build their names and bring a unique flavor and attraction to Lakefront@SouthKey.

The Lakefront@SouthKey is designed to provide optimum exposure to human traffic where social interaction and mingling are made easy. It also displays a harmonious mix of trendy shops and modern office suites that merge healthy working environment with a lively leisure destination. Last, but not least, people-friendly vehicular traffic and parking system create a pleasant venue for business to thrive.